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VACOBE provides evidence based leadership coaching, career consulting, and workplace-oriented psychological counseling for executives, managers, supervisors, and recent graduates. Since its establishment in 2006 VACOBE has helped hundreds of professionals discover their fullest potential. In evidence-based coaching your practitioner uses the combination of best-available scientific knowledge and personal or professional experiences within the context of your specific situation. Rather than focusing on pathological shortcomings, our interventions aim to identify, leverage, and enhance your inherent signature strengths using positive psychological principles, as well as proven cognitive, and cognitive behavioral techniques derived from clinical application.

The coaching process at its heart promotes a transformation accomplished through ongoing, positive change.

VACOBE specializes in creating such individualized coaching processes
around each individual’s focus and timetable, ranging


from immediate crisis interventions to regularly-scheduled monthly or quarterly sessions. The preferred format for coaching consultations is face-to-face, although geographical and scheduling challenges may sometimes make telephone consultations more practical.

Lastly, at VACOBE your psychological coach is bound by the American Psychological Association’s (APA), and the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychologists’ (SIOP) professional code of ethics, thus will unwaveringly respect
your autonomy and right for self-actualization. All sessions will therefore remain strictly confidential with you, the coachee, determining each agenda. In turn, your coach pledges to be an empathetic, expert listener, careful observer, and challenging questioner assisting you in developing deeper insight, clarity, balance, and courage.

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