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Whether you are seeking employment or are currently employed and interested in a change, VACOBE evidence-based coaching can assist you in matching your signature strengths, personality traits, values, and interests with a meaningful and prosperous (new) career. Our approach centers on the creation of a tailored career plan that not only provides effective collateral materials and training (i.e. resume, cover letter, preparation for situational and behavioral interviews, etc.). It is also backed by ongoing psychological support necessary to succeed in today’s highly turbulent economy.

The list below shows some of the activities typically included in VACOBE career coaching projects:
  • Use of psychometric tools assessing your key strengths, motivations, and interests
  • Develop a task inventory of the perfect job responsibilities
  • Align task inventory with signature strengths to develop comprehensive professional profile.
  • Benchmark professional profile against typical job descriptions to identify best matching positions, titles, industries, and corporate demographics (i.e. size, management structure, culture, etc.)
  • Develop a resume and cover letter that aligns experiences, KSAs and signature strengths with the typical requirements for the selected job titles
  • Upload and optimize resume and cover letter to most appropriate job search engines, social media sites, professional networking groups, and key recruiters
  • Conduct practice interviews (behavioral, situational, etc.).
  • Ongoing coaching support throughout the project to remain focused and motivated.
  Career Coaching and Career Counseling:
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  • Typically 4 two-hour One on One sessions, but could be extended as needed
  • Career Counseling covers professional strengths assessment (VIA), Personality Assessment, and Campbell Strength Interest Survey (CIS), resume design, resume writing and review, job hunting techniques, job search engines, applying via social media, and interview coaching
  • Career Coaching covers professional strengths assessment (VIA), effective career planning, strength-motivation-job alignment, work life balance, career transitioning strategies incl. continuing academic development
  • Target audience: new graduates, individuals with 5-10 years of work experience
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