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The current economic climate is characterized by uncertainty. Virtually every industry is forced to downsize and operate only with the remaining top performing core of its workforce. Such dynamics can sometimes place unmanageable demands on employees in terms of time commitment, effort, and willingness to make sacrifices in other important areas of their lives. The resulting elevated stress levels contribute to the rise in dysfunctional tensions among work teams, relational violence, and overall workplace incivility. As we now spend more time at work then ever before, we need to develop the resilient coping skills allowing us to confront and correct such potentially hostile work environments.

In our workplace psychological counseling sessions, we use various psychometric assessments, as well as cognitive and cognitive-behavioral techniques to explore the underlying issues leading to such behaviors to ultimately remove them permanently.

Some Examples of typical Workplace Psychological Counseling Topics:

Person – Environment Interactions: Is it me, or is it them?

  • Why do I feel blue at work? Where does it stem from?
  • Why and how are my motivation, behavior, and well-being so affected by it?
  • How do I assess and resolve conflicts between job requirements and my personal interests, attitudes, and values?
  • Why do I have difficulties communicating effectively with my peers and supervisors?
  • Why do I feel as if my company has changed to a point where I do not fit anymore?
  • Do I even still want to fit?
Counterproductive work-behavior (CWB) and motivation issues
  • How do I avoid burnout?
  • Why am I so bored at work?
  • Why do I wish I could take a sick-day whenever I get up in the morning?
  • Why are my talents, knowledge, skills, and abilities not being recognized?
  • What can I do to showcase them better?
  • Am I engaging in risky behaviors within or outside the workplace that are beginning to affect my career, my family, or my personal life as a whole?
  • I’m beginning to worry that I need the thrill of ‘breaking the rules’ to feel challenged at work. What is worse, it is starting to become addictive and less controllable.

Confronting workplace bullying and discrimination

Workplace bullying and discrimination issues are often the result of ingroup-outgroup dynamics among employees, who differ in tenure, cultural background, age, gender, experience, etc. Such dynamics lead to poor group cohesion and limited information sharing, reduced performance, etc. Any ingroup member will aversively or openly discriminate outgroup members by withholding information, training, etc.

These situations can become quite a serious threat not only to organizational performance, but also within the context of legal repercussions. At VACOBE we help our clients understand the root cause of such behaviors. This may include a closer examination of the organizational culture. Investigating, for example, how particular work-teams are set up (i.e. do the teams consist of only senior employees and other teams only of new employees, which increases an "us and them" perception) can provide evidence for latent or aversive discrimination. How does the organizational culture respond to performance shortcomings, mistakes, etc.? Each of these factors contributes to negative attitude-behavior linkages fostering discrimination, or even verbal, physical, or relational violence (i.e. destroying reputation, mobbing, etc).

Naturally, each situation is unique and can not be effectively addressed using a standardized template format. VACOBE will therefore work with you, the supervisor, or you, the victim of such discrimination, on how to specifically identify, confront, and resolve such hostile workplace dynamics.

Effective conflict resolution in the workplace

Below is an excerpt of typical milestones addressed in counseling sessions on conflict resolution in the workplace:

  • Identifying sources of conflict – functional and dysfunctional
  • Personality influences on communication and behavior
  • Professional Behaviors and Communication Style Assessment (DiSC)
  • Cognitive and behavioral strategies to resolving conflict
  • Applying techniques; Role-playing and peer-review
  • Target audience: managers, supervisors, team leaders, business owners
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