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Leadership coaching not only increases performance, but also prevents problems. Especially evidence-based methods focus on creating sustainable behavioral changes that ultimately inspire your team to emulate your strategic approaches, analytical and creative abilities, and interpersonal interactions. At VACOBE we will use positive psychological methodologies to deepen your awareness of your signature strengths as a foundation for improvement. Insight into how some behaviors can be limiting to personal or team performance motivates individuals to embark on the process of change. You and your psychological business coach can bring about such change within a safe, empathetic, and confidential environment.

VACOBE‘s one-on-one coaching relationships are designed to encourage meaningful and challenging dialogue, create critical awareness and insight, develop new knowledge and skills, and ultimately propel both your personal and professional growth. Sharing your experiences with a trained organizational psychologist with substantial international business expertise offers an unbiased, non-political, and completely confidential venue for you to receive objective feedback and perspective. And since you set the agenda for each session, you benefit from a true partner helping you achieve what is most meaningful to you, your organization, or your work-life balance.

During our sessions your psychological coach is determined to help you:

  • Develop your leadership abilities by assessing your signature strengths
  • Increase decision making and prioritization skills for optimal team motivation
  • Improve interpersonal skills by moving beyond self-imposed limitations
  • Manage your teams through increased personal effectiveness and accountability
  • Understand the influence of communication, personality, motivators, attitudes, and values on work behavior, performance, and turnover

  • Leverage the creative power of diversity and multiculturalism
  • Manage effectively across Eastern and Western cultures
  • Develop a flexible management style to drive performance and loyalty
  • Achieve sound work-life balance

Some Examples:

Leadership Coaching: Coaching your Staff towards Maximum Performance and Accountability. One-on-One Sessions

  • Individualized coaching sessions focus on self-assessments, coaching models, role-plays, skill-will assessments, etc., all within the context of evidence-based psychological coaching
  • In-depth personal attention to developing key functional and interpersonal strengths of an individual leader
  • Includes cognitive, cognitive-behavioral, and positive psychological methods
  • Target audience: New managers, supervisors, experienced director-level leaders, business owners
Leadership Coaching: Expatriate and Cross-Cultural Coaching
  • Individualized coaching sessions focus on cross-cultural personality congruence assessments
  • Master the survival guide to living, working, managing, and leading abroad
  • Develop understanding of cultural differences in motivation and performance
  • Become expert in verbal and non-verbal communication across cultures
  • Tackle the integration of cross-cultural individuals into Western (US) management approaches and philosophies
  • Target audience: Experienced mid-level to senior-level managers selected for international assignments
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