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The continuing globalization of workplaces, workforce, and technology demands of organizations both large and small a continuous development of critical knowledge, skills, and abilities to master the increasing competitive pressures. It is becoming very clear that, we simply cannot ‘cost-cut and save’, right-size, or reengineer ourselves out of the troubles the economic downturn has brought about. As organizational leaders we understand that, we must return to delivering measurable excellence across all aspects of our work. We must again become better than everybody else competing with us both domestically and internationally.

More and more manufacturing and service companies have therefore made the commitment to becoming a learning organization. Concepts such as systems thinking, personal mastery, shared vision, and team learning have all substantially contributed to increased organizational performance in areas of innovation, market share, and profitability. In a sense, these organizations are becoming ambidextrous in their capabilities to efficiently meet the challenges of today without losing their flexibility to effectively adapt to future changes.

VACOBE ’s programs specialize in delivering strategic marketing, sales management, and organizational development interventions that link sustainable competitive advantages to innovation, critical thought, and creativity.

Some Examples:

Internet Marketing: Strategic Approaches to finding Opportunities, developing Leads, and growing your Business

  • Introduction to Internet marketing: Opportunities, strategies, options
  • Integration of online marketing into strategic marketing plan
  • Search Engine Marketing, application planning and deployment, banner ads,
  • Social media advertising – LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace
  • Target audience: Entry to mid-level marketing professionals
Positioning: Differentiate or Die in the Recovering Economy
  • Identifying your competitive advantages
  • Focusing your brand message on what you can actually deliver
  • Crafting the Positioning message
  • Planning an integrated marketing campaign (channels, promotions, message, lead follow up, etc.) using Positioning
  • Target audience: Mid-to senior level marketing professionals & business owners
Market Research Demystified
  • Introduction to market research (surveys, focus groups, online research, etc.)
  • Survey design, setup, questionnaire design, using online tools (e.g. surveymonkey), data analysis and reporting
  • Data analysis strategies, results interpretation
  • Leveraging market intelligence in your sales and marketing processes
  • Target audience: Entry, mid-level marketing professionals & business owners
Dormant Account Activation: Customer Relationship Management
  • How to analyze the performance of your customer base
  • Finding your dormant account potential
  • Crafting a compelling “welcome back” offer
  • Structuring and executing a dormant account program
  • Target audience: sales and marketing professionals, business owners

Customer Acquisition and Development: Identify, Multiply, Expand, and Sell

  • Establishing market transparency: Profiling your accounts
  • Identifying sales and market potentials
  • Identifying sales potentials in your current accounts
  • Selling strategies (category, system, brand, solution)
  • Casting a wider net – strategies to finding leads
  • Executing a customer development program
  • Target audience: sales and marketing professionals, business owners

Leadership Coaching: Coaching your Staff towards Maximum Performance and Accountability

  • Workshop focuses on self-assessments, coaching models, role-plays, skill-will assessments, etc., all within the context of evidence-based psychological coaching
  • Includes cognitive, cognitive-behavioral, and positive psychological methods
  • Target audience: New managers, supervisors, experienced director-level leaders

Change Management: From Here to There

  • Interactive moderated discussion forum centering on all stages of change management; identifying the need for change, preparing for change, making the change and maintaining it, how to deal with relapses, etc.
  • Setting up a project management plan to manage the milestones of change
  • Overcoming internal resistance
  • Target audience: Business owners, department leaders, HR managers

Professional Work Behaviors, Motivation, and Leadership

  • Using evidence-based assessments this session identifies the signature strengths, professional behaviors, and key motivators in a management group or work team, then applies them to develop best practices in communication, performance management, motivation, and results.
  • Target audience: Management teams, workgroup leaders, business owners

Interviewing Excellence: Understanding your Applicants before you hire them

  • Situational and behavioral interviewing techniques
  • How to develop effective, standardized questions
  • Applying techniques; Role-playing and peer-review
  • Evaluating candidates using Scoring Model Techniques
  • Target audience: HR managers, managers with hiring authority

HR solutions: Workplace assessments and Effective Hiring

  • Critical tools and strategies for HR Professionals to hire, develop, and retain top performers
  • The effective Hiring process: Meeting today’s needs with an eye for tomorrow
  • Introduction to workplace assessments (DiSC, NEO, PIAV, etc.) helping HR managers improve their hiring practices
  • Succession planning - Uncover the hidden potential in recent hires
  • Target audience: HR managers, recruiters, managers with hiring authority

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