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VACOBE Evidence-Based Coaching assists both individuals and organizations in their professional development, management of change, and systematic processes of performance improvement. Following is a brief overview of some of the services we provide. Please choose from the respective sub-tabs or contact us to further discuss your specific interests and requirements. For a detailed listing of currently offered corporate programs, please click here.


Leadership and Professional Coaching

At VACOBE leadership coaching and professional development is equivalent to a business planning process. By forming a one-to-one relationship with you, we can align professional performance and overall job success with your intrapersonal goals, and within your organizational context. Resolving dysfunctional conflict, creating sustainable motivation, correcting counterproductive attitudes, or negotiating other work-related behaviors associated with leading and managing employees will all be constructively addressed in discussions and cognitive-behavioral role-plays during individualized coaching sessions.

Leadership and Professional Coaching: Expatriate and Cross-Cultural Coaching

In our expatriate and cross-cultural executive coaching we develop interventions preparing the coachee to deal with the unique set of challenges created from crossing cultures following mergers, acquisitions, or international or domestic relocations. The coaching process centers on adapting to a new culture, identity issues created within relocating families, difficulties attaining professional goals amidst a changing political and social structure, and other social and personal hurdles unique to each coachee

Career Planning, Career Transitioning, Career Consultation

VACOBE‘s career coaching addresses the psychological issues related to work and career as well as issues around career planning, progression, outplacement, or transitioning. Often our clients struggle to find meaningful focus, develop or retain self-confidence, enjoy career fulfillment, or even question the future direction of their professional lives. They describe feelings of unhappiness, dissatisfaction, and under-appreciation at work, all of which can quickly lead to symptoms of frustration, depression, even aggression, and threaten their work-life balance, or family dynamics. Our evidence-based career coaching approach employs methodologies and assessments similar to traditional counseling, and will therefore provide you with both the critical psychological support and the necessary tools designed to map your way forward beyond all obstacles towards a meaningful and fulfilling career.

Workplace-oriented Psychological Counseling

Workplace-oriented psychological counseling services at VACOBE typically revolve around such problem areas as utilizing assets and strengths, effective person-environment interactions, resolving dysfunctional conflicts, understanding personality clashes, correcting counterproductive work-behavior and motivation issues, confronting workplace bullying and discrimination, etc. Using various psychometric assessments, as well as cognitive and cognitive-behavioral techniques we explore the underlying issues leading to such behaviors, the essence of each experience, and then develop corrective measures to effectively confront such and other stressors to ultimately remove them permanently.

Organizational Development Programs

VACOBE also offers various evidence-based programs designed to enhance the functional, creative, competitive, and interpersonal performance of your organization. These programs deliver traditional business growth oriented solutions in areas of strategic marketing and sales management, as well as organizational development interventions (i.e. change management, organizational culture change, leadership coaching, workplace assessments, etc.).

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